About Us

We love Flight Simulation and have been able to source some excellent products from around the world to help New Zealand based pilots get flying without ever leaving the ground!

Based in Auckland we import and distribute Flight Simulation products and training devices to Flight Schools, Aeroclubs and home-PC aviators all over New Zealand since 2009.

We are constantly adding to our product range and are keen to hear from new product manufacturers, software developers and enthusiasts 

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What Do We Do?

We supply flight simulator hardware and software for flying clubs, pilots, flight training schools and flight simulation enthusiasts in New Zealand including Saitek flight yoke controls, pedals and even instrument panels! There are several choices of simulator and our products work with Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX as well as other simulators such as XPane and Flightgear. If you're learning to fly or just enjoy flying on your computer we'd like to help you get airborne!

What is a Flight Simulator?

It can be as simple as an airplane game on your phone to as complicated as a full motion airline simulator, either way all you're trying to do is simulate what happens in a real plane without ever leaving the ground. Its a great way to help with flying training or just to enjoy doing things with planes you couldn't do in real life. There are several simulators for your PC. Read the flight sim info page on how to get started with flight simulators.